Shisha House

About us:

Shisha House & VapeZone is a unique lounge that combines waterpipes and vaping. Great variety of hookah and e-liquids’ flavours will not leave indifferent even the most eager lovers of puffing on.
Relaxing atmosphere and first-class service will provide a repose that you sure do deserve.
In our lounge you can enjoy wide diversity of hookah tobacco flavours as well as proficiency of preparing hookahs.
Sink in pillows while pulling on a first-rate hookah and get the taste of the best contemporary cocktails - a dream of those who love to take time off.

This is why we are best in waterpipe area:

1. New extraordinary shishas (AK47/M4A1/Thompson/Temple/Medusa), Instead of usual, perstered hookahs.
2. Tobacco quality guarantee
3. Instead of unhealthy tablet coal - 100% organic coconut coal.
4. Free change of coal.
5. Full water-pipe cleaning after every smoke-session.
6. Maintenance of the waterpipe while you smoke.
7. Fast and friendly service.
8. Biggest tobacco choose in Tallinn! 22 tobacco flavours will satisfy even most demanding hookah-smokers!

Come here and make sure by yourself!

Company name Hookah Lounge OÜ
Reg. code. 14257820
Open hours
Fr-Sat 17-23